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Our Staff Literally Goes the Extra Mile

Every day, these smart, passionate people work hard to help Let Me Run reach and inspire as many boys as possible.

Shruti Gupta

Regional Director

Why Let Me Run?

"As a former teacher and exercise enthusiast, I love the ability to work with kids and encourage healthy life long habits. Teaching, inspiring and making an impact on the generations to come. Making them all recognize their special talents and gifts through a strong foundation of kindness, respect, self- motivation and gratitude."

Amber Gibbs

Columbus Operations Coordinator

Why Let Me Run?

I am so happy that Claire Houpt introduced me to Let Me Run. I can already see how emotions and communication are handled differently with my young son and daughter and how it impacts them in different ways. I am encouraged to know that Let Me Run addresses the "boy code" and strives to foster the emotional intelligence of boys. My favorite part of Let Me Run is that it encourages boys to be themselves, and that's exactly what I want for my kids — to know that they are special, unique, and valued just the way they were created. My hope is that my son and daughter will understand that they are valued and treat others as they are valued, as well.